Use of the Fund

The view of Yeungnam Univerity

Funds will be used in constructing cutting edge digital study environments, fostering study fields to top 10th level in 10 years and cultivating Y-type human resources that the intelligence based society of 21st century needs, by building top level of study environments for each academic field, scholarship system and education programs like basic education and enhancement of abilities for internationalization and so on.

The ‘Y-type’ Human Resources Foster Fund

  • Scholarship Fund for educating Y-type human resource is the scholarship fund for supporting cultivation of Y-Type human resources who have great character, creativity, initiative and specializations and are going to lead the 21st century’s globalization and intelligence-based society.
  • Fund for Recreation Center Construction for Y-type human resource education is the sponsoring fund for establishing the center which helps to organize healthy campus culture and foster healthy Y-type human resources with strong will power.
  • Dream of 100 thousand KRW (Campaign for saving 100 thousand KRW from 100 thousand alumni)

Fund for Leadership of President Park Chung-Hee

  • It is the fund to educate and support the human resources who will study the leadership and major policies of President Park Chung-Hee, who is the founder of Yeungnam University, and the fund provides developing countries with information on Korea’s developments.

The Convergence Research Fund

  • It is the research fund to construct a convergence research support system, laboratories and organize a research environment for completing Global 10-3-10.

Fund for Chair Professor

  • It is the fund to invite young great researchers with great academic interests and curiosities or experts who are highly reputed in their research field, worldwide, as professors and support their research.