Study at YU


Our door is always open to those who are seeking international education at YU.

Our services accommodate the interests not only of foreign scholars who intend to study, to research, or to teach at YU, but of students and faculty at YU who want to experience education as part of the global community.

One of our major goals is to inspire the faculty and students of Yeungnam University (YU) to cultivate global perspectives for their academic and intellectual growth. Another objective is to give scholars from foreign institutions opportunities to join our international programs and to benefit from the process of our educational reforms. The last, but not the least, of the objectives is to assist the students and faculty of foreign institutions and YU to achieve their goals through international collaboration. We believe that the key element of these activities lies in the efficient organization of links between YU and the rest of the world.

While successfully managing the current programs, we are always striving to develop various kinds of new exchange programs to enhance the educational opportunities at YU. Because we offer a wide spectrum of support, we hope your visit to our office or our website will be a meaningful step towards reaching a new world of discovery.
Surely, we welcome any suggestions or comments that might help us to achieve our mission.

Hoping your dreams find success,

Taek-Dong Teo, Ph.D.

Vice-President for External Cooperation